Did you know that the work must be reported to Local Authority Building Control or you could face a fine of up to £5000? Beddard Roofing Ltd are proud members of Competent Roofer which means we are authorised to self-certify any work which require building Regulations so you can rest assured that the work is safe.

Government Recognises Competent Roofing Companies

The launch of the latest Competent Person Scheme to be authorised by Government is already cutting red tape, saving both time and money for property owners and roofing contractors. Competent Roofer is the first scheme specifically for roofing refurbishment work, and allows competent, vetted professional roofing companies to self-certify on Building Regulations for replacement roofs.

This is another step towards stamping out the “cowboys”.

Whether you are a homeowner, private landlord, commercial or industrial property owner, all work carried out by the government-authorised Competent Roofer scheme involves special self-certification. The charge for a Building Regulations Completion Certificate (BRCC) starts from just £20; all domestic works with a value of up to £50,000 receive a free 10 year warranty with the BRCC.

Ray Horwood, CBE, chief executive of Competent Roofer explains: “Roofing companies are inspected prior to joining the Competent Roofer scheme on their respective roofing disciplines and then allowed to self-authorise only in those disciplines. Members are then regularly inspected at least twice annually.”

This means that the homeowner or business owner get an ‘all-in-one’ service and do not need building officer approval. The homeowner or building proprietor receives a Building Regulations Completion Certificate and the work is automatically registered with the relevant local authority.

All Competent Roofer companies receive random work validation inspections and any failures are immediately rectified. A special training course has been developed to increase operative awareness and there is a ‘hot-line’ to report errant companies.

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) fully supports the introduction of competent person schemes where they assist in delivering building works complying with the Building Regulations.

LABC chief executive, Paul Everall, CBE, points out: “A successful Competent Roofer scheme will be a real asset to this country and may well be of great assistance when the government comes to implement its Green Deal! We are confident that the NFRC scheme limits entrants to those who can clearly demonstrate their competence. This is not just in the physical aspects of refurbishing roofs but also in ensuring that in carrying out the work no other part of the Regulations is breached! Likewise, that the performance of scheme members is regularly monitored. Competent Roofer is a real measure of assurance to the client that the work has not been done by a rogue trader and LABC is committed to working with the government and organisations such as TrustMark, to ensure that the public is properly protected.”


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