At one time, stone roofing was the number one choice, but this type of roof is now seen very rarely, depending on your address. Sadly, older stone roofing tiles cannot be recycled and reused in other roofing projects, as they are simply too weak. These recycled tiles simply crumble and crack, and this also means that if you currently have a stone roof it may need some serious repairs, or even a complete replacement.

Replacing stone with like for like can be quite labour intensive and could become very costly. There is now an alternative option that has really taken off. It looks absolutely stunning, which is why everyone is now asking for our DenbyDale stone roofing. We can provide DenbyDale roofing in two colours.

It is important to note that many properties with original stone roofs are either listed buildings or are located within conservation areas. This means that clients will need to obtain permission from their local council to have their roof replaced, however we are finding that a lot of councils are now happy for replica stone to be used as it is more environmentally friendly.

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